Aw, now what the fuck?

There was supposed to be this knitting group meeting in this bar on the south side of town (actually, it's across the river, but since there's more cool stuff to do over there, I gladly call Newport part of "Cincinnati"...fellow Natians, you can agree). And............................

They weren't there! My friend and I walked around the surrounding blocks looking for this place, and when we finally found it, the doors were locked, and there were chairs blocking the steps that lead up into the place. So I'm guessing that group doesn't meet anymore.

This's bad enough living in a part of town where people have never even HEARD of a DPN, so it's impossible to get a group together. But now I go to a meet up that meets on the ONLY night of the week I can go, and no one's fuckin' there.

Man, that's irritating, to say the least. But we went to this restaurant/bar, and I got another 2 inches done on my Noro hat ("I kan nitz hats?" project), so the evening wasn't a total waste. Also, I came home and the hubby said the kids were evil, so I'm a little glad I missed out on that.

Is that wrong of me?


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