OOOOOh, baby!

I've been looking online at all the wool festivals in Ohio so I can map out where I want to go...I'm so EXCITED! Hopefully, I can talk DH into coming with the kids - the kids won't be a problem, but it's the husband I'm worried about. I am well aware that knitting and yarn and spinning and wool are NOT his thing, and they really don't interest him at all.

But that's OK...don't tell him, but I could give less than a rat's ass about Star Wars.

But we understand each other's mutual...ahem...obsessions HOBBIES...and we accept that they are a part of our personalities.

Ever since I've rediscovered fiber, I've noticed that I'm a much more calm person, which allows me to express myself much easier.

And everytime I play with yarn or wool, I get a little wet in the pants. JK....but seriously.

But anyways...some big festivals I'm planning to attend...





I went to the Kentucky Wool Festival last year, and I think that EVERYONE had a good time. Good country food, good country music, awesome yarn and wool, a petting zoo...Oh, man. Country festivals are the only time that I wish I was country. I would love to live in the city, and be close to everything...but yarn festivals make me feel at home in the country. Every other time I go, I can't stop thinking "Hicksville..." or "That girl looks like such a ho-billy." ***sigh***

But the next festival is at the end of next month...so if I buy those books off Amazon I'm looking at, that leaves me with about $30 to squirrel to the **FUND** (my crack yarn fund), and we'll see what's going to pop up otherwise. Since I've quit smoking (well, I'm TRYING!), that should free up some money...like $40 a month.

OK, I think I've blown enough time down here on campus, time to go home and tend the chillun.


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