My best friend's husband died yesterday, so I'm kind of in an off mood. I feel awful for her loss, and I know she must be going through the toughest time right now. She's also got a plethora of other problems in addition to this, so I'm just trying to keep praying for her.

I've not knit in a couple of days because I'm still just really shocked about this...

I did dye my Denises last night, and we'll just say that if they weren't $60, they'd go to the frog pond and keep all the other abandoned projects in line.

Side note - I've got a big project due next week in astronomy, and it's frankly pissing me right the fuck off. I've rewritten it twice, and it's still not doing what I want it to do. I spent an hour with the professor after class trying to tweak it to work, and he can't figure it out either.

My keyboarding class is still fucked up too...I'm probably going to fail the course because of a stupid computer error that I have no control over and affects ever computer I try to work on for some reason. It's like a sick little virus comes in and munches on the files whenever I'm working on it. The professor for that class is an unhelpful idiot's online, so I guess she feels that she has no real responsibility to ensure we pass. Cunt.

***sigh***I just want school to be done so I can open my shop. But I haven't even declared my major (technically)! Gaaaaah, I'm so tired of waiting for everything!

I'm tired, but I'm freaked out to go to bed (BF's husband died in his sleep, out of the blue. No reason that they know of...) It's maddening!


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