Has it really been this long???

I've been such a slacker about posting on this blog. I kept up with my myspace blog just fine, but now I can't get on it...one of many long stories that have happened in the past few months. Who knew that being unemployed and a SAHM would be so full of drama?!

So...let's take a deep breath, and read my ramblings, shall we?

- DH and I had a huge falling out a few months ago, and I almost left him...and it all boiled down to fucking myspace. Looking back, it was completely retarded of me to pull that, because I ended up landing him in the hospital with a panic attack, and he had done pretty much absolutely nothing wrong. This is what lead to my myspace absence - I had him change my password because I was spending HOURS online everyday on myspace, being a general myspace addict. Now that I don't know the password to my account, I can't check it every 4 minutes, and I can spend time doing the important things, like spending time with my kids instead of plopping them in front of the TV while I played on the computer all day. Already, my youngest daughter is showing so much more growth and progress, mainly because I'm now spending time with her. With my oldest, it's been harder because she remembers more, I think. Her brain is so lightning quick, and it holds memories like a trap, even though she doesn't talk much. Part of it is her autism, but I really think that part of it is my fault for not spending enough time with her. She's progressing a bit more every day, but I've got lots of ground to recover with her. I'm also actually doing trying to do my share of the housework, which is what the fight boiled down to...I wouldn't do ANY housework because I was too engrossed in the magic box that sits on a desk that connects me to people I don't even know. It's still going rocky, but I'm coming along. Maybe once a week, I ask him to log me in so I can check my inbox, but I've found out that if I don't contact people, they usually don't contact me. Oh well, their loss, you know?

-I finished my winter quarter with a 4.0 average, and I just checked my grades for spring quarter, and I earned myself a nice fat 4.0 average too! So my freshman year of college, I have a cumulative 3.972 because my teacher in my philosophy class gave me an A- my first quarter. Dammit. I now have to go to the main campus of the college and explore my options of transferring my major to business or art. The tricky thing with that is I can't get my minor in art at the University of Cincinnati because they don't offer a minor, but I could double major. The problem is that their program (DAAP - Design, Art, Architecture and Planning) is effing EXCLUSIVE as hell to get into...so yeah. Their business school shouldn't be too hard, being as I'm carrying almost a perfect GPA.

-I still want to open my own yarn shop. But (LOL at this), my dad wants to give me advice about running my own business. Nice of him, considering he tried to start a business and the only thing that I know about it is that it didn't get any further than my sister and I riding our bikes around the neighborhood sticking fliers for it on people's mailboxes. Eh.

-I got a new puppy, and a new kitten, so now Obi Wan has plenty of critter company. Poor dog has aged 2 years in the last 3 months, but at least he's calmed down and stopped shitting in the house so much. I'll have to post pictures of my crew.

-My youngest daughter was accepted into preschool next fall, so that means I'm going to have to drop both my babies off on the bus. I'm sad because they won't be babies anymore, but still...it'd be nice for them to be around other kids and not messing up MY house for a change. I didn't cry when Trina went to preschool for the first time (this coming year will be her third and final year because she'll have missed the age cutoff, the last two years were at our request to build her social skills), but watching both of them troop off to preschool together for the first time may make me tear up like a baby.

-I'm still unemployed, but not for lack of offers. A woman I used to groom dogs with said that the place she works at part time would offer me a one day a week position, paid under the table of course. It's rather tempting because we could always use the money, but there's a reason I quit grooming dogs...it's because I hate messing around with them. I LOOOOOVE playing with them, don't get me wrong, but grooming does NOT equal playing with dogs. And after I got a chunk of my finger taken off by a 13 year old toy poodle, I'm not too keen on getting around them again any time soon. I was also offered an internship at a local ceramics shop, running their gallery. In return, I'd get a small studio space with my own wheel, drying rack, table and wedging board, as well as an amount of firing space once a month. She wants 10 hours a week, and I'm just about ready to come aboard. I sent her an email saying I definitely was interested, but I haven't checked my email again - I'll scurry off once I'm done writing this novel of a blog and check. Actually, I can't wait. **scurries off, then runs back** Yeah, no response yet.

-It's raining. Buckets, ya know? I've been hearing the thunder for about 15 minutes and I knew it was coming...I meant to go outside and stand in the wind and watch the lightning. I don't know why, but that makes me feel soooooooo at peace. DH walked by the window once when I was standing on the porch with my arms open, eyes closed, head up to the sky and the wind whipping around me, and knocked on the window and yelled, "You're not turning back Pagan, are you?" I'm not, but I ignored him anyways. Damn. I want my wind and thunder.

Um...that should be it. I know I haven't blogged ANY about my knitting, but that's because not much of it has been going on. I got an Ashford Joy for Mother's Day, so I've been fairly squeeing over it for over a month now and have spun LOTS. I've tried a couple new things - I'll post new pics too...but I won't tell you what they are right now. Suffice it to say that I've accomplished 2 of my 4 knitting resolutions this year...if you can find what they are, I'll give you a cookie.


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