My cat loves to make's rather annoying. Even now, after she's slurped off any remaining salt from the visible parts of my arms and neck, she's going after my knuckles as I'm typing this. She's so cute and sweet too, and I can't bear to tell her to stop tonguing me...but it's irritating as hell! I ought to rename her Hershey, but then Allie would be disappointed that I changed the cat's name from "Princess," which is what she picked out. Honestly, I'm not putting too much stock into her critter-naming powers - she named a fish "Ballerina." C'mon, now. Cute as hell, though...both of them.

I realized today that I haven't played bingo in years, so I asked my mama to come with me, and it's a good thing I did too, because I ended up winning some money. Overall, I probably won about $200, but when I go with my mom, our rule is that we split our winnings so everyone goes home a winner - which I think is like playing a game and not keeping score, but whatever - so I split that with her, and then she won a bit too, so I got some back (like, $20. LOL) I walked out of there with $70 dollars...yeah. Those instant pull-tab thingies are effin' addictive. But still - it's more money than I came in with, so I'm happy.

Aw, now look at this... Princess is sitting on my lap with her little kitten head on my forearm, and she pops up every few seconds to double check my arm for parts she may have missed. I assure you, I shower, so why does my cat feel the need to clean me? She doesn't pull this shit with my dog, and Lord knows he's dirty enough.

Mom kept asking me all sorts of questions about our trip to Jersey this was kind of annoying, actually. I wonder if she's going to break into my house and look around while we're me and my sister and brother did when they went on vacation without us when we were younger. Serves us right, I guess...LOL

Still plugging away at my entrelac...I've decided it's probably going to be a bag, since I get bored rather easily, I don't think I can make it through the long run for a scarf. Aren't I lazy? If I ever try the Lady Eleanor Shawl, I'm in for a good month of "Oh, my God, I'm so sick of this damn thing."

So to end tonight, I have a few questions...

1. Does anyone know where I can find a satin shawl for a bridesmaid dress that I'm wearing? I really need one to cover up my chicken wing arms.

2. Does cat spit cause rashes or anything? I'm so fucked if it does.


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