Be thankful, you whiny bitch!!


Today at church, we had a sermon about thankfulness. Now, keep in mind that I go to a very progressive church - so progressive that...well, let's lead you into the story.

Apparently, Saul was the first king of Israel. (This I didn't know - I always thought David was...anyways) He was going to be followed by David (Ah! There he is!) as the next king, but apparently Saul was a pretty crappy king and didn't want David taking over. Soooo, he tried to have David killed (gee, what a great guy). While in battle, King Saul sneaks off to this cave that David and his crew are hiding in to (quoting from the New International Version) "relieve himself," and David cuts off a corner of Saul's cloak, proving that David wasn't trying to kill Saul because he totally could have done it while Saul was doin' the do.

We're progressive enough that the pastor had us rolling at the thought of this guy taking a dump in a cave.

Anyways, the whole story was about how David was a guy with a "gratitude attitude," and was always grateful for everything. He was grateful when things were good, when things were awesome, and when things downright sucked.

Our challenge was to try to find something everyday to be grateful for - the pastor even pointed out that medical studies have been done that prove that thinking about the good things you have and being grateful for them for three weeks (thinking about them, not how long to be grateful) will give improved health benefits like lowered blood pressure and less stress for up to six months and beyond. Pretty cool, I gotta say. So every day, I'll come on here and try to think of something to be grateful for. I'm sure some of it will be snarky, like today I'm grateful for my kids being my kids and not some of the fat screaming brats at the grocery store hollering for another Snickers, but hopefully, I'll include some gems. We'll see if this helps me to grow.

As for yesterday's post, Mr. BigRed apologized for being such an ass and appropriately gushed about how clean and spotless the kitchen was, and how awful it is that I can still smell the bleach on my hands...poor me. Of course I basked in what he was saying. Duh. The kitchen looks effin' marvelous.

On the knitting front - bring out the antibiotics, I've got the Clap. Which is good, because I'm running out of yarn for the entrelac scarf and won't be able to get any for at least 2 weeks. Eep.


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