Holy Blogger, Batman!

I have two blog followers...I feel so loved.

So as I'm sure you've noticed, I've failed miserably at the Gratitude of the Day bit for the last week or so. But - I'm grateful for the opportunity to fail without consequences.

Guys, I've got a lot to say...but I just don't feel like typing. I need a program that can scan my brain for thoughts (however random they may be) and transfer them to Blogger. But, knowing my luck, it'll be a Mac product and therefore incompatible with my piece of shit Window's-operating system. QED.

Anyways, it's midnight, and school starts back up for the chilluns tomorrow. Must. Sleep. NOW.

*edited to add* - I posted this at 5 till midnight on the last day of November. Therefore, this post still shows up as November's, instead of December. It's just a little weird to think that a month has such a cut and dry arbitrary designator.

"No, it's 2 minutes after midnight, it's officially December now."
"But there was so much I wanted to get done in November, even though it was only 2 minutes ago, that I can only do in November...like sing G&R's "November Rain" and giggle at the irony. Now I'll have to wait a whole 'nother year for November to pop around again."

Meh. Bed. NOW.


Riohnna said...

Wow. I have a rough time now just getting the Monsterling in bed, let alone myself!!

BigRedErin said...

Holy Hell, I've had a comment sitting here for over two weeks?!?!?!

Holy Hell, I haven't blogged in over two weeks?!?! Meh, I'll do it tomorrow.

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