I'm grateful foooooor...

My memory.

Even though I forgot what I really was grateful for, I can remember y=mx+b, redshift and blueshift, how to do a s1, k1, psso, that Plato condoned gay relationships, my anniversary, and on good days, to bleach the whites.

Too bad I can't remember what I was REALLY grateful for - it was a good one.

We had family pictures today...we were there for THREE HOURS. Two of which were because the place was running late. Tell me, if you have three rooms to photograph people (usually a family of 5 or more, mainly small children), would you schedule appointments 10 minutes apart, 4 at a time? No? Me neither. But for some reason, that's how the place was operating today.

But amazingly, the kids were cool about 99% of the time there, the guy taking the pictures looked like a little like a crackhead but was absolutely wonderful with both the kids, and we got some AMAZING pictures of the kids and even a good one of Mr. BigRed and me. I'll have them posted in about 5-10 business days (when I can gank them off the online server). So - if you know where I live, I recommend Eastgate Mall's JCPenney, and ask for Brad. He's full of awesomesauce. We rewarded the kids with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese -they were so amazing, no temper tantrums or fits, and they behaved as well as a "typical" child would be expected to behave! - made affordable because the pics would have cost almost $350, but since we have awesome Coupon-Fu, it was under $100. Sweet.

Now, I've got to finish this astronomy homework...and drink my tea. Look for the ISS/Shuttle tonight - Google "ISS Flyby" for times where you can see it. Supposed to be really cool...but so is a meteor shower, and I guess I haven't seen any really good one of those because it's neat, but not OMGWTFBBQTHATWASSOCOOL.


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