It's Tuesday!

That means Speech Class and Intro to Business. I hate my Effective Public Speaking class because 1) I have a B and 2) the woman is old, blind, and doesn't know how to work a light switch to turn the lights off for PowerPoint presentations, so she docked my last speech because "the contrast was too low and she couldn't read it." Well, duh, if all the lights are on, you're not going to be able to read it. And LAVENDER with BLACK text is not a bad combination. You're just blind.

So. For Daily Gratitude, I'm grateful for my eyesight. Even though I need contacts and still occasionally have trouble, I'm grateful that I can see what's in front of me with little trouble.

Now - today wasn't too bad. The kids behaved, which made me SOOOOOO happy because I had an exam today in Business that I had to study cram for. Sat through speech class and worked on my Clapotis and showed off my socks that I finished in Baltimore at Stitches (my speech last week was about knitting, and people asked how my socks were coming, so I promised I'd wear them today so they could see). I also got asked a knitting question by one of the girls in my class today! Sure, it was simple, like "How do you end it (bind-off)?", but I was able to answer it and help a new knitter along! YAY!

Mr. BigRed just told me that we've got family pictures scheduled for this Saturday.

I will write of the train wreck once we come home from them.

And with that, I leave you with Jason Mraz...old school. (Just click the triangle on the right side of the screen to play the song.)


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