Once again...

I'm a rotten turd.

I haven't blogged in MOOOOOOOOONTHS. If anyone is still following this, waiting anxiously to see if I'm talking, then here you go. I'm back - for the next 5 minutes anyway.

Knitting has been busy - lots started, a bit finished, a wholehelluva lot planned. Right now I'm working on this beautiful Entrelac scarf from Ironstone Color Changes...and I'm running out of yarn. Baaaaad.

I'm also going to join the Clap Club. Yeeeeees, pass the antibiotics, I will have the clap in a month or so. But I really can't help it! I saw so many women with one (two? five?) at Stitches East that I'm dying for one now. It would be much more appropriate if I were to be "dyeing" for it, but that's super corny.



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