OK, I'm bad...AGAIN

I haven't been blogging. Maybe that'll be my New Year's Resolution.

Quick recap: I've knitted the Clapotis and three hats - the Clap is for me (and it's spectacular, I'll add another blog with pics), one hat is for Allie (who ended up giving it to Trina while she took Trina's hat), one is for my nephew Tyler and another that I just finished today is for my niece Chelsey (yes, it's spelled wrong. Tell her idiot bio-father that). I've got three more hats to knit, along with a pair of fingerless mitts for my brother's girlfriend, a draft blocker for my sister, a lunch sack for Mr. BigRed, and I'll just be (hopefully) buying something for Mom/Dad and my brother.

I'll add more tomorrow while the kids are at school. Mr. BigRed wants his nookie.


Riohnna said...

Wow, you have been busy!!

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