Fuck you, winter.

Yesterday, the girl’s preschool gets called off (that’s not the suck…well, it did suck, but anyways) due to the inch of snow that we got and the district is a bunch of anal pussies about having preschoolers out in the snow when it’s below freezing. So of course, they call school off on a day that I have class in the morning, so I called my friend whom I had set up an arrangement with for exactly this type of scenario. Of course, her kids are sick and she doesn’t want mine to get sick, so she bails on me. I called my mom, who lives a half-hour away, and she said she’ll watch them for me. Well, by the time I had all this straightened out and we were out the door, it was 8:30. Class starts at 9:30am, 1/2 hour drive there, 1/2 hour drive back, 10-15 minutes to find a space, park, and get to class on the other side of the (granted, small) campus…hmmm. As I’m sure you guys can do the math, this will make me late for class. Oh, well. What choice do I have?

Anyways, the weather yesterday was right around 0F, plus windchill, meaning that it was…well, I dunno. Cold as balls. Anyways, I go out to warm up my car after I find out the girls don’t have school, so my van will be somewhat warm when we start driving.

Yesterday, my van’s heater decided to die on me. Like it wouldn’t blow anything (luckily), but I had no heat, and the draft was coming though pretty strong through the vents, even with the heater turned off. So with my bitch-ass van, I had to drive:

1/2 an hour to my moms
1/2 an hour to school
(Class was an hour and 15 minutes, which was long enough for me to start feeling my toes again)
1/2 hour out to my moms to pick the kids up
1/2 hour back to my house

Then, the kicker. I had class last night too. Only not at the local college…at the other campus, 45 minutes to an hour away, depending on traffic. So, we add on:

45 minutes to other campus - after which, my fingers were purple even wearing a pair of gloves AND my pink Fetchings
(Class was about 2 hours)
Almost an hour back to my house because people in Cincinnati don’t know how to drive if they see snow on the ground and it’s dark outside.

So that makes a total of about 3 hours 45 minutes driving around in my minivan that more or less blows out cold air. I was wearing my Clapotis, my Candyland scarf, my mom’s gloves, my Fetchings, and I stole Katrina’s hat because I can’t find any of the other ones that I made. Plus, I was wearing wool socks and boots, jeans, a black long john shirt, and my big ass leather coat lined with (granted, imitation) fleece. I had no business being so damn cold.

I’m totally NOT leaving the house with that minivan again until fucking APRIL. My toes are still tingling a bit.



Shanny said...

At least you got a chance to display ALL of your knitted FOs! Winter sucks!

Riohnna said...

I agree. The only thing I like about his weather is, no bugs.

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