I'm such a shitty blogger. I really don't keep up on this at all. Right now, I'm only blogging because I need to read some Philosophy texts, and I a) can't find my book, and b) can't find my syllabus, so even if I found my book, I wouldn't know what to read.

It's too damn early in the quarter to be fucking up this much.

I've still got the Sickness From Hell - this past weekend, it's been my stomach (and everything linked to it, from top to bottom and from in to out), not to mention my sinuses are still messed up. I really ought to go to a doctor.

I really don't have anything else to say except this: I have an ingrown hair on my cootch. It needs to resolve itself ASAP because it's all throbbing and red and swollen and I'm sick of my twat area hurting.


Riohnna said...

Oh, ewe poor thing!! I hope you get over the illness soon!!

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