Knit Knack Blanket Exchange (Will be known as the Project from Hell)

As I've know about it since like, July of 1973 or something (not really, more like 7 months or so), and I'm just now getting finished with it. Once I get all my squares done, I'm pinning them out flat to get an idea what the finished product will be when I get all my squares. Then I'll decide if I'm going to add some more of my own squares in to make it bigger. I WILL post pictures. Pinky swear.

I'm thinking sometime this week, maybe after Thursday (when my 5 page research paper about the Transcontinental Railroad - which I just started today and got 3 pages into, I-thank-you - is due), I'm going to figure out how to post links on my blog for my other Rav sparkle-snatches to check out.

I've got Easter Egg dye! And I'm gonna be dyeing yarn! But first I need to order it! I do, however have some white roving, which I will dye, then eventually spin, then eventually make something completely fucking fantastic out a Beanis! Could I use ANY more exclamation points!?!

Fuck, I dunno. Hey, sign up for Plurk, and friend me (big_red_erin). Don't forget to say I told you to sign up. Don't tell them I gave you a free puppy for signing up. Only Obama is cool enough to give people puppies.


Riohnna said...

OO!!! I think we have a few tablets of dye, I hope I get to dye eggs this year. I want my Monsterling to hunt Easter eggs.

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