Life, how much do you suck? Let me count the ways...

I went out to get my kids from the bus stop earlier, and I noticed that I have a flat tire, probably caused my me swerving the other day on my way home from school to miss a squirrel.

This is after I missed my second Biology class of the quarter yesterday because by the time I had run my SIL back to her house and picked up the babysitter that was going to watch my kids last night, I didn’t even have enough gas to make it to the highway.

I would have put gas in my car, but my bank account’s overdrawn $50 because Mr. BigRed forgot to put the car insurance payment into the transaction register. This made the transaction register say that I could use my spend money for the month ($60), which I promptly spent on beads and string and shit. Originally, we thought we were only $10 over, so I went through the shit that I just bought and returned 1/4 of it. So now I’m short $15 that I’m not likely to get back anytime soon.

I would have spent some earlier in the month, but Mr. BigRed took his spend money out of the first paycheck of the month to buy (what else?) fucking movies, thus making me wait until the end of the month. His reasoning? “There were good sales on movies. I didn’t think you would mind waiting because there’s never sales on yarn and craft stuff.”

So. I’m left with a car with a flat tire, no gas, short $15 personal money, an overdrawn bank account, and an idiot husband.

The good news? My Swiffer is out of juice, I have no Swiffer mop heads anyways - just the one that I made, and it’s filthy because I used it to clean up the dog’s shit and piss because they’re fucking retarded - the dogs are filthy and shedding, Thing 1's bed (the top bunk, of course) is wet with some sort of liquid that doesn’t smell like piss or anything she’s had to drink, her face is stained blue from paint at preschool today, my main bathroom smells like cat piss and I can’t figure out where the cat peed, AND I’ve got a church group meeting tonight at my house (that Mr. BigRed coordinated) at 8pm.

The girl’s bedtime is 8pm. And Mr. BigRed won’t be home until 7:30pm.



Angieshell1 said...

ach, don't you hate it when life happens!?!?! I hope all turned out well this evening. :)

Riohnna said...

Oh, you need lotsa hugs!! I hope everything turns out netter quickly.

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