33% off Stitch Markers

Because I'm an eedjit who priced them too high in the first place. Seriously - WTF was I thinking? So now all stitch markers in the shop are $10 instead of the ass-raping $15, so you should definitely go look! I've also found what I think will be my supplier for roving, so once I get a little bit more money together, I'll be buying and dyeing some of that.

Hopefully, this funk I've been in will lift in a few days. Although I'm looking forward to only one more week of hell, as my Algebra final is next week and it's the last one I have to do for the quarter. Then the hell of waiting until grades come in...

I've got an appointment on Saturday morning to go down to the registrar's office at Xavier University to have my transcript looked over for acceptance into their art program. Hopefully, my rawkin' grades will kick some ass. They'd better be doing something - the breakdown that I had last week better not be for nothin'.

In other news, Thing 1 tied her shoes for the first time yesterday. Fine motor skills FTW!!! Thing 2 gave herself a 13138249th goose egg on her head, this time by jumping over the dog and landing on the vacuum cleaner. I'm starting to think that each bump is damaging her head just a little bit more than the last one, which makes her more susceptible to future falls. Fuck.


Riohnna said...

Good luck with the finals!

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