Bipolar Week!

Hey, everyone! I'd like to bring attention to something that's been niggling at the back of my mind - this past week was National Erin's Bipolar Week! At least, it seemed that way to me.
Good things that happened:

* Made lots of sales in my Etsy Shop
* Took my finals and managed to scrape an A in Biology and Algebra, the classes I thought I'd have the most trouble in
* Hung out with some of my old PetSmart co-workers
* Got my drink on at my friend Kristin's bachelorette party
* Took the dogs to the dog park and watched my kids and dogs have fun with other poochies
* Ate at a yummy Italian restaurant

Suck-ass things that happened:
* Got an A- in History - yes, I know an A- isn't that bad, but I like my GPA, and this is my second A- since I've been in college. Why, yes, I do have a stick up my ass when it comes to my grades - why do you ask?
* Got a notice from the office that my yard is apparently too trashy looking for the *TRAILER PARK* that I live in, so I must clean it up by today. I also have to get rid of all my kid toys in my back yard because apparently, kid toys are verboten in the yard and I don't have a shed like 95% of my other neighbors to put my shit it. I'm also not allowed to tie my dogs up on a chain outside so they can go potty, which is gonna suck because my border collie mix Zelda is not trained to poop while on a leash and walking. SHIT.
* Various pissy tiny things that happened throughout the week that served to effectively bring my mood down

So. I have to go clean up my yard now and then go get rid of all my kid toys (a playhouse, a sandbox, and various other kid toys), clean out my flower beds, and (I needed to do this anyways, now that spring is here) clean up all the dog shit and cigarette butts from my yard. I hope your day is a lot cleaner and more fun-filled than mine is.


Riohnna said...

That's not fair about the toys!

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