Get out here, you bitch!


I know you're here.

I saw some fresh grass growing in my flower bed this morning. It wasn't there yesterday. Sadly, this grass will be ripped out eventually when I clean the winter mess out of my flower bed, but still. Green. That means you're here, hiding behind something. You need to get your ass out here before I kick Mother Earth in the taint to get your ass rolling.

In other news, I've just finished spinning and plying 2 skeins of yarn for the shop. I bought the roving at a fiber festival last year, and for the life of me, I can't remember which one, or I'd give dues! I do know that it's 100% merino (top, I believe), and it some lovely shades of blues, purples, reds, and a very very very dark (almost black) indigo. Once I get the other bunch skeined, soaked, snapped and dried, I'll take pictures. The first one is hanging up to dry in my bedroom in front of a fan.

Hooray, finals next week! That means that I can leave Winter quarter behind after Wednesday of next week!!! It's awesome to think that in less than a week, I'll be done with the quarter that was responsible for my biggest emotional breakdown since my postpartum depression with Thing 1. With luck (and prayer!), I'll get a 4.0 again this quarter, bringing up my GPA to a 3.98-something! I'm not too worried about any of my classes - I got a 98 on my research paper in History, so coupled with the 88 (GAH!) and the 97 I got on the first two exams, even if I got an 80 on the final, I'd still get an A. The teacher in Bio has been curving EVERYTHING, so I'll probably do fine in there - which is good, as I'd probably have a C in there if she didn't (that's OK, almost everyone else would be failing). Algebra is doing good, despite inspiring a panic attack last week - as long as I show up and bring my A game, I'll be fine. And Philosophy? Pssh, I give my own grade in there, and my graded assignments and participation/attendance will hopefully get the teacher to agree with me - especially since I explained to him that knitting in class helps me concentrate and I seriously wasn't tuning him out, as my increased participation proved once I picked up the needles.

I just noticed something. Last spring, I took 5 classes. Three of them were Art classes. This spring, I'm taking 5 classes. Three of them are Art classes. Coincidence? I think not.


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