Shop update!

Just swinging by to let everyone know that the shop has been updated, and I will be adding new stock throughout the week as well. I'm expecting my shipment of acid dyes in today, so I can start experimenting with more colors than just what comes in the Easter egg dye box. I've already got a few good ideas which I'm sure everyone will enjoy and buy up quickly and leave me to buy more stuff to dye for you guys!

I also got my sock yarn in, so I will be winding that up and dyeing that as well at some point this week, so there will finally be hand-dyed/hand-painted sock yarn!

Also, I'm now the proud owner of a Blackberry. Crap, those things are addictive - no wonder President Obama didn't want to give his up - it should be called a Crackberry.

Class starts back up this week, and it's the beginning of "SUPER AWESOME MEGA FUN ART QUARTER!" YAY!!!!!!


Riohnna said...

Art is so fun!! I used to LOVE art classes.

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