Yarn/Fiber Pics

This is what I've done so far - I'll be setting up a light box sometime this weekend, but since my Opa's 80th birthday is tomorrow, everything else is kinda being put on hold until afterward. I've also made about 40-50 little stitch-markers to be sold in sets of 6 - price still hasn't been set yet. I won't be selling these items in the shop, as I don't think the yarn is bright enough and I honestly don't know what kind of wool the roving is - it came from a sheep, and I bought it over a year ago from a sheep farmer north of Nashville, Indiana.

Without further ado (and the Flickr uploader *must* be done by now): (ETA - yes, I know, the pics are oriented funny. I can't fix it right now.)


Rainbow Sherbet!

And (by popular demand of Things 1 & 2), DEAD SNAKE!

I must be going now - I'm going bowling with a bunch of people I used to work with at the P-Mart. When I come back, I expect comments!


zbaerenlovesme said...

Dude, I'd buy Dead Snake in a heart beat, those are the BEST colors!!

Riohnna said...


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