B to the Izzy

So. Life is busy, this I know, for my migraine tells me so.

First - I got accepted into Xavier for their Fiber Arts program!! Yeah, bitches! I start in the fall with a super-duper heavy course load, laden with art classes (woot woot) and one German class (which I don't mind).

I also got a $13,000 a year scholarship from the university for my kick-taint grades that I got at UC - at the moment, I'm maintaining around a 3.94 GPA (and yes, I cried last quarter when I got an A-, which drug it down from a 3.97. I cried like a fucking bitch). With all my grants and scholarships, I only have to take about $12,000 a year out in loans, which is about what I'm taking out now to go to a less-prestigious community college. *does baby circles*

I'm also searching for a summer job - I'll hopefully get hired on to work (not intern!) at the ceramics shop that I interned at last summer. The shop is awesome, the people are totally cool, and I generally heart the place and would work there again for free if I didn't need the money so bad (like, "I'm going to start donating plasma" bad). If you're in the Nati area and like ceramics, check out FUNKe Fired Arts for classes, expos, and a Gallerie of hawt ceramic pieces.

On the home front: Mr. BigRed signed his contract for next year, so he's guaranteed his job next year (unless he does something retardedly stupid and gets fired, with is about as likely as KnitPicks shipping to Scotland). Yay for financial security!

Thing 1 is not going to "kindergarten" next year - she's going to some special class for kids who are intellectually ready for kindergarten, but need more direct adult interaction than a typical 25:1 ratio can offer. I'm a little bummed because we always expected (and were told) that with interventions, she'd be in normal kindergarten. But I'm happy with her progress - she talks more, and interacts more, and that makes us happy.

Thing 2...aw, man. Teh dramaz, she haz it. She was diagnosed with ADHD (not ADAH, as I previously posted), and started medication on Wednesday. Today is Friday, and she's been nothing but golden today. It's amazing. I've had a migraine all day, and she sat at her kid table next to me and colored and assembled a book. She's never been able to sit down and concentrate for anymore than 3 or 4 minutes, and she sat with me not only through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but also Little Mermaid 3. Hopefully, this is the medication and not just a fluke good day.

As for me...I got a haircut, and now can truly be called BigREDErin again.

Smokin' hot, ain't it? And my makeup is courtesy of Sweet Libertine Cosmetics, an absolutely wonderful seller on Etsy (and who coincidentally lives here in the Nati, and is an amazingly LSG person who knows how to get her freak on). Visit her shop and buy her makeup! It's good shit!! I may have to start turning tricks to keep my supply coming.

As for my shop - it's slow. Very slow. Like, 2 sales in the past 30 days slow. I've got some new stuff up - if you wanna take a gander, that'd be cool. :)

Well, my eyesight is starting to waver, so that's not a good sign with this migraine. Yay. I'm gonna go now.


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