Things I've done today instead of writing my history paper

* Talked about vagina bike taxis
* Watched clips from the 1995 movie "Waiting to Exhale"
* Researched the CD that I saw at Walmart last night that had a classical song on it that I can't remember the name of
* Drop spindled some rag wool (seriously, BigRed?!)
* Talked about bread-making machines on Ravelry
* Looked up the National Bone Marrow Registry and wanted to sign up, but I can't pay the $52 registration fee
* Texted my friend about a party she's throwing on Friday
* Marveled at the fact that I have three separate parties to attend this weekend
* Printed off a little cartoon of a bird that I can carve into a linoleum block at school so I can stamp a birdie onto the pages of a book I'm making in class today
* Gathered various supplies for paper-making at school today
* Listened to Tinted Windows and looked at pics of them
* Went to the bathroom. TWICE.

I really suppose I ought to start at least researching this fucker. But I'd rather hold my drop spindle as a microphone and pretend I'm a rock star along with Taylor Hanson's singing.


Lindsay said...

I see you follow the same paper writing tactics as I did when I was in school!

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