Bad blogger, BAD!

I've not been blogging again...but I have a legit reason now! Let me bring you up to speed:

* The shop is now closed. Dead Snake Crafts had an OK run, but I couldn't afford to do it anymore. It became a "job" to dye, to try to promote, to try to sell. I couldn't pay for supplies and advertising. So I sold off my stock and closed up.

* Princess (the cat in my avatar) ran off. Slutty bitch cunt whore, she totally did it to get knocked up, and now that she's having fun in the single whore kitty life, she's not come back. I can't say I blame her, actually.

* We got two new kittens, Lily and Luna. Lily was the cat I went to pick up, and then I saw Luna, this gorgeous little diluted tortie, who happened to be the runt. Long story short, Luna was put down a week after we got her - she was just too little to make it anymore. We got another kitten from my cousin about a week ago, and he's a delightful little hellraiser.

* I bought 2 new shirts.

* I started selling Pure Romance! That's the main thing that's been keeping me busy lately, and I'm having so much more fun with this! If you want to visit my site, go to! If you want to order something, click the link at the top of the page that says "Order Online", and I'll get credit for the sale. If you live in the greater Cincinnati/NKY area, I'd love to book a party for you - it doesn't cost you anything, unless you consider spending a few hours with your girls and having fun an "expense."

* Mr. BigRed is working, which is helping us bring money in that we need, as I didn't get a full-time "job." Apparently, no one wants to hire a college mom with 2 years in general studies and no solid job history. I wonder why...

* We packed up all but 5 of the girls toys (5 each, actually), started a toy library where they can "check out" 5 different toys a week, and turned the shit-hole playroom into a guest bedroom/office. My house has never looked neater.

* I read about a new way to do book-making. I prefer this new way, and will probably make more books this way.

* We found a box turtle in the middle of the road one day. I was all for taking it to the woods and releasing it, but Mr. BigRed wanted to keep her, so we did. Her name is Una. Yes, the kids named her.'

* The "vacation" to New Jersey last month was hell. That is all I'm saying on the subject.

* I start Xavier at the end of August. 3 art classes, a foreign language, and a religion/philosophy course. Between this, Pure Romance, and studying, I don't plan to see my family again until Thing 1's birthday at the end of October. I'm kinda sad about that, but the faster I get school out of the way, the fast we can get on with life. And if Pure Romance takes off like I hope it does, we may not have to move for me to find a job, which would be great. Even though I want to move far away, everyone we know is in Cincinnati. It took me an entire lifetime to build up this network, and I don't want to start all over again in a new city. I've tried it before, and it sucked BALLS.

* I found out that dogs are equally amused by a laser pointer as cats are.

That's all I can think about for now. If you read this and are on Facebook or MySpace, friend me! Look for Erin Gansler on FB, and click here to friend me on MySpace! I'll periodically have specials running for Pure Romance that you can only get through me, so keep an eye out!


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