Because I haven't blogged in a long-ass time...again...

Found this on one of my old MySpace blogs and thought it could be pretty come with me while we (re)discover...(bum bum bum) "THE SOUNDTRACK TO ERIN'S LIFE!"

Opening Credits: Who Needs Shelter? - Jason Mraz

Waking Up: Never Alone - Dropkick Murphys

First Day At School: Wonderboy - Tenacious D

Falling In Love: What Did You Say? - The Pipettes

Fight Song: Rawkfist - Thousand Foot Krutch

Breaking Up: Bang Bang - Dispatch

Prom: Numbered Days - Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Life: In Between - Linkin Park

Mental Breakdown: The Doodlebop Pledge - The Doodlebops (yes. It is, in fact, a children's song.)

Driving: For Me - Grammatrain

Flashback: Underage Bichon - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Getting Back Together: History - Tenacious D

Wedding: Hey Now - Toby Mac

Birth of Child: Your Illusion - Hanson

Final Battle: Loser - Beck (aw, dammit.)

Death Scene: One Last Run - Nickelback

Funeral Song: I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues - Elton John

End Credits: 21st Century Cure - Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack


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