Kids nowadays

Those little fuckers can think outside the box. Fast. Check out (MLIA)if you don't believe me. Some examples:

* Today, My chemistry teacher asked our class if anything occurs when you mix an alcohol with a salt. I said a margarita. He gave me a bonus point. MLIA

* Today, I took a test in science class. One of the questions was "What is arguably the most dangerous element?" I said the element of surprise. I got extra credit. MLIA.

* Today I joined the computer club at school. All new members had to take a computer knowledge test to determine if they could stay in the club. One question was "Johnny's computer has a pentium 4 processor, advanced graphic cards and 50 GB of storage. What does Johnny need to improve?" My answer was "his social life". Not only did I get into the club, they offered me the role of vice president. MLIA

* Today, I was at a four way stop sign and another car got there at the same time as me. I waved for him to go, then he waved for me to go. We both sat there for a few seconds and then put our hands out the window to rock-paper-scissors for it. I won. MLIA

So it is now my mission to do great things like this EVERY DAY. I want to live my life as if I post post multiple entries on MLIA every day. Too bad that the "A" doesn't stand for "AWESOME." I'll try to blog this every day, but I make no guarantees that I can take a break from great things to blog.

Great Thing #1. I just spelled "guarantee" correctly, with no stumbling on the keys, and no spell check. I already feel full of fucking WIN.


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