Just another day in "Paradise"...

OK, life. That's enough shit for now, kthxbai.
1) Lost checkbook. Had to borrow $25 for copay from my MIL, meaning that I actually had to *see* my MIL.
2) Key broke off in lock, and I didn't have a key for my back door. So I locked everyone out. I also realized I need to make more friends - I don't know a single lock-picker within 30 miles.
3) Had to leave class early to take Thing 2 to the behavior specialist.
4) Behavior specialist looked about ready to cry by the end of the appointment. Welcome to my life EVERYDAY, lady. But add an autistic kid in, too.
5) Start on new meds for Thing 2. Evaluation for occupational therapy - sensory issues. Great - like another one of my kids needs to have sensory issues. Also anxiety concerns. Fuck, she's 4, for Chrissake.
6) Almost ran out of gas. Thanks for the gas money, Mom. I owe you about 2305893 now, right?
7) Mr. had to break the back window to get in. Turns out it's a solid sheet instead of the 9 individual panes, so now we have to replace the whole.fucking.window.
8) Didn't get home till almost 9, and I have German homework, a FAS paper to rewrite, and 15 more pictures to find for Drawing.

Tomorrow has GOT to be better, right? RIGHT? Swear to God on Thursday (first day of fall break), I'm sitting in my jammies, drinking tea, knitting, and watching Gone With The Wind. Or I'll sleep.


BigRedErin said...

Just so everyone knows, I DID sit yesterday and watched Gone With the Wind, Titanic, and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Keanu Reeves is really AWFUL in the deleted scenes - they probably deleted them because of him.

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